4.4 ETA?

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 13:09:50 CET 2005

> Alternately, since xfce seems modular enough we may just pick some 4.4
> components. Any estimates from their respective authors whether thunar,

Replying to my own mail with more specific questions after re-reading
Erik's article on xfce 4.4 features


- is the coupling between panel, xfwm and xfdesktop going to be loose
enough to use one but not the others from 4.4?

- is xfdesktop the same as Benny's xfdesktop from os-works?

- do new apps and orage in particular assume xfce4.4 or will they run on
4.2 too? Do xfcegui, xfceutil and xfcemcs stay mostly compatible?

- what new fd.o standards are planned to be supported in 4.4 vs 4.2?
>From the above article 'Session Manager: Now supports the new startup
items standard' and also Erik mentioned the possibility of using tango.

- what is the status of xfce feature-freeze-wise as I understand the
code itself is still devel. Anything else planned for panel besides
stabilization and porting of existing plugins? Anything planned for

I hope you take this just as a gentle nudge and not an annoying attempt
at making you reveal your most secret devel plans :)  But since most of
the development - besides thunar maybe - goes on in relative quiet, it
is not easy to figure out from just svn commits what stage you're at and
how to best integrate this with the clearer schedule I need for ubuntu.


PS: and since Brian mentioned xfce's reputation yesterday please feel
free to make suggestions regarding what you expect from an xfce centric
distribution, and also what decisions you would feel uneasy with.

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