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Fri Aug 12 23:39:14 CEST 2005

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Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
>>>I've been using the mailwatch plugin pretty heavily for a while now, and
>>>aside from the weird crash I fixed last night, I haven't had any
>>>problems with it.  Sooooo... what do you think -- should it remain an
>>>external package, or do you want to merge it into
>>>xfce4-panel/trunk/plugins/?  I'm fine either way.  I don't imagine it
>>>needs much more (if anything) in the way of features, and releasing
>>>bugfixes with the panel is fine.  I'll probably do a few external
>>>releases before 4.4 so people can actually use it, though.  Thoughts?
>>I love the plugin, for starters, and I will remove the current mail checker.

Thanks, Jasper - that's great to hear ^_^.

>>The mailwatch plugin is big enough to be its own package, but it also 
>>should be a core component, IMO. So, in fact, I don't know what the best 
>>option is ;-)
> Hm, I don't use either of the mail plugins, and I know quite a lot of 
> people that don't use any mail checker plugin as well. So - not speaking 
> about packaging on the distributors side here - I'm not sure if it 
> should really be a core component, as it's not a vital thing 
> (nevertheless it's useful for many people, I'm sure).

I agree it's not vital, but I'd say that if some certain significant
percentage of users uses it, it's worthwhile to include it.  In fact, I
didn't use a mail checker plugin until I started working on this one.

Having said that, I do think it's gotten a bit large to be a core
plugin.  I agree with Pasi that the GNUTLS (optional) dependency makes
it a bit less attractive to include in xfce4-panel.  Personally I don't
really consider it an optional dep - I think anyone who's sending their
mail password in the clear is not very wise (barring situations where
they have to, like my ridiculous work email system).

> But there was some discussion previously to not blow the core further, 
> but keep it small instead. Personally, I think of a mail checker as a 
> goodie rather than a core component.


> In general I'd vote to keep only the most basic (and vital) panel 
> plugins in the core (like the launcher, the pager, the system buttons, 
> the separator and probably one of the date/time plugins), and move all 
> other plugins to the goodies repositories (grouping them by category if 
> possible).

I know you were just providing an example list, but I'll add a couple
more for the core: systray and tasklist.  Maybe windowlist as well.

So...  I'm in favor of a separate package, and not even for my usual
control-over-release-process reason, for once.

I think if we get around to having that 'goodies manager' that someone
else mentioned, it really won't even matter what's included in the core
and what isn't.  I'd be interested in working on this actually... what
with my copious free time and all.  HAH!


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