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Wit Wilinski wrote:
> Here are some thoughts after reading this article:
> First, as the writer suggested, human beings usually can't cope with more than one task a time. So the first thing that could be implemented to make use of this idea, would be threating all application's widows as ONE.

Mmm, this is how a Mac works, and I don't particularly like it, though I
can easily see how many people would.  If someone wants to implement
this, at least make it optional ^_~.  Jasper linked to some KDE blog
posts on; one of them explains exactly this
feature, which the guy implemented in kwin in about 10 lines of code.
Kinda cool.

> Another things is a modification to the window manager (WM) so that it doesn't bring new windows to front if another window is in focus. It's quite annoying, when you type some text in a different window that you intended to because a new window just popped up and is focused.

There's already a setting to not focus new windows.  If you want better
intelligence, so it knows when you've been typing, you can enable this
via a hidden option (see xfwm4 docs).  It's not perfect, and requires
cooperation and help from the applications themselves, so it's not going
to work all the time.

> An important thing is that window that do not get the focus while shown, shouldn't cover currently focused one.

I believe there's an option whether or not to raise new windows as well.


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