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On Tue, 9 Aug 2005 12:27:07 -0400
Ori Bernstein <rand_chars at> wrote:

> However, if this is done, I'd also like to see the taskbar putting window
> groups into one taskbar item. In other words, the item in the taskbar is the
> logical unit that will be raised - the "application instance" (not really an
> application instance, thanks to the way stuff like firefox work), rather than
> the windows in the group.
Yes, there needs to be some kind of 'intelligent' algorithtm for selecting window groups. There should be also a mechanism of memorizing window's geometry. There are some windows which i'd like to see where I left them ;)
I'm not sure if this should be client-side or window-manager-side. Probably the second, to remove hacks present in some applications.

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