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Edscott Wilson Garcia edscott at xfce.org
Wed Aug 3 17:34:08 CEST 2005

El mié, 03-08-2005 a las 09:38 +0530, Biju Chacko escribió:
> Hi,
> xffm-deskview seems a little broken. Compare the attachments of xffm vs 
> nautilus.

Ah,yes. The testing phase has just begun. I'm working on a box with a
hardware accelerated rotated screen, and gtk is still bugged in this
respect, so I require the use of a non-gtk wm (fvwm). Setting the
background with fvwm-root, everything works cool. See attached thumb
image (full size image at http://linux.imp.mx/edscott/ ). Since
xffm-deskview does not manage the background but rather reads and uses
what is set, and should fall back to a solid background in case of
failure. Apparently this code is not yet complete, from what I gather
from your screenshot. 

> Sorry about the attachments, btw -- my web host seems to be down. I 
> tried to make 'em as small as possible, though.
> Also a couple of usability opinions about xffm-iconview:
> * The context menu is too big -- there's just too much stuff on it. 
> Would suggest that you put a typical "File Edit ..." type main menu and 
> move most of the context menu there. That would make it a little more 
> consistent with other file managers.

Ah, yes. The main menu. The xffm-iconview gui library is an
instantaneous view of my mind's eye. If I add everybody else's mind's
eye, we end up with something like xffm-treeview ---powerful, but too

Creating a new gui with whatever elements you like is much easy now, so
that you can create your own with a main menu (or toolbar) if you
actually want to do the work (the xffm-lib API will freeze at 4.3.4 for

I appreciate your comments, and those of others whom have also pointed
out that xffm-iconview lacks a main menu and/or toolbar. Part of the
philosophy of the new xffm is that the program is distributed in the
hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the

> * suggest that you remove the "up" link from the directory view and ue 
> browser buttons, nautilus-style combobox or gtk file selector style 
> directory buttons.

The "up" link was a consistently requested feature during the treeview
development, so there is little use in annoying loyal xffm users. This
is now a separate application from xffm-iconview or xffm-deskview.
Besides, the xffm-treeview GUI is practically frozen during 4.3 cycle.
Sorry :-(

> Btw, how do you change the icon theme?

xfce-setting-show? Only gnome and rodent themes are fully supported by
iconview and treeview. Haven't tested deskview yet.


Edscott Wilson Garcia <edscott at xfce.org>
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