source of XFCE4.3 crashes

Wei-Tsun Sun knightw at
Mon Aug 1 21:19:21 CEST 2005

I did an upgrade of gtk-2.7 two weeks ago, same problem occoured as you described in other replies. 

Acutally, what my suggestion is, that gtk-2.6.8 is just sweet, unless you are so hunger for a new thing, otherwise 
dev- packages might not need to keep up the latest pace.

I only use SVN version of the xfce4-panel, and leave others to ones on os-works (I am using debian), sine I am satisfied with
what Ive got in the other parts of xfce components.

Besides, I found that the CPU plugin from goodies ``might'' increase your CPU load of X process for a long run, therefore I just
wrote up a similar app on the tray.

By the way, I fully agree the point of view on the systemtray plugin with SVN version of the xfce4-panel, since it couldnt show
full icon of those apps. I use the older versions of that plugin to overcome this con.



On Mon, 1 Aug 2005 09:03:11 +0200
Wit Wilinski <madman at> wrote:

> Well... I probably found the guilty of XFCE SVN crashes. Other applications crash too - it's the new gtk-2.7. The gtk team is trying to do too many changes in a short period, so they might have introduced more bugs than fixes ;)
> I'll try to downgrade to 2.6.8, but that will mean recompiling XFCE (because of the cairo linkage)
> I also found some nasty bugs in 'Xfce Menu' plugin from xfdesktop package. It's related to the plugin's configuration dialog.
> 1. Button title setting doesn't work at all
> 2. Changing 'Button icon' doesn't work instantly. You have to activate another dialog control to make it update the icon.
> 3. Button icon is badly scaled. Enabling 'Show title in button' and disabling it causes the icon to be too big (rescaled). Enabling 'Show title in button' and _then_ changing the icon, gives a good looking icon, until XFCE restart.
> After the restart menu icon is broken again
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