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Pasi Orovuo pasi.ov at
Sun Apr 17 13:44:28 CEST 2005

I also was at some point wandering about this, and actually took a look
into xdm to see what it's about. The main question I had in mind was
what exactly would make a display manager "Xfce". The most obvious
answer I guess is the user interface and the required libraries. In xdm
the user interface was really nicely separated from other functionality,
and the impression I got from my brief peek at it, was that it probably
would not be a too hard task for someone with time and dedication to
make the user interface have Xfce look.

For me it seems, that instead of looking at gdm (which is a direct fork
of xdm?), it would actually be easier to start with xdm. There you don't
have to deal with Gnome related stuff, and just concentrate in adding the
Xfce stuff into it. Of course using Gdm as reference wouldn't be a bad

My look at xdm was really quite brief, so I might not have the correct
view about it. But the question about what would make a display manager
"Xfce" might be worth discussing?


On Sun, Apr 17, 2005 at 01:04:48PM +0200, Maxime GEORGE-BOURREAU wrote:
> Biju Chacko a écrit :
> >
> >I'd suggest you start by looking at what the others are doing. Why 
> >don't you look at gdm, kdm, xdm and wdm. That will probably give you a 
> >better idea of what niche needs to be filled.
> >
> >
> Thank you for this advice. In fact, I started to study gdm, for at least 
> three reasons :
> - I think that the need for some is a light version of gdm (no network 
> transparency, no bonobo & gconf dependencies).
> - IMHO, a light version of gdm must be nice looking, especially for 
> linux's beginners.
> - For the moment, It's not realistic to start from scratch.
> Maxime
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