Lightweight display manager

Biju Chacko botsie at
Sun Apr 17 09:36:52 CEST 2005

> Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues a écrit :
>> Hi guys
>> I'm new to the list, and I was thinking about this for a long time. I
>> apoplogize in advance if this is not the right place where to post
>> this.
>> I was wondering if it's not possible to write a small and fast display
>> manager for Xfce, with contemplates all the essential funcionality
>> that a DM should have (login, session, shut down, etc.). I'm not sure
>> if GDM does well in this respect, tough I use it on my toshiba portege
>> 3010CT (pI 266 MMX, 64 Mb RAM). Maybe it can be done better.
>> Of course, I don't know if there's an actual developers interest in
>> writing such a thing (unfortunately I don't have the skills to do that
>> right now).
>> If this was previously discussed (I didn't find anything on the
>> archives), point this to me (nicely) and simply ignore this message.
>> Thank you for the attention
> I would like to write such a xfdm, but I don't know how to start :
> - fork xdm, fork gdm, or start from scratch ?
> - using only gtk librairies ?
> - network transparency needed ?

I'd suggest you start by looking at what the others are doing. Why don't 
you look at gdm, kdm, xdm and wdm. That will probably give you a better 
idea of what niche needs to be filled.

-- b

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