Lightweight display manager

Biju Chacko botsie at
Sat Apr 16 04:57:43 CEST 2005

Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues wrote:
> Ondrej Mihalyi wrote:
>>I'm not XFCE developer but requests of this kind just irritate me.
> Biju Chacko wrote:
>>Good Idea. Go right ahead.
> Hey, wait a minute. I'm not demanding anything. I was just wanting to
> see what people here think about it, not flaming or trolling, want to
> press devs to do this or anything else. I imagined that my words were
> pretty clear about it.
> If the developers don't want to work on it, FINE. But just being rude
> won't help anything. If this is your way of being nice with people,
> congratulations. You are great at doing it.
> Now I know that programming a DM is really difficult and that I should
> not speak about this again, or I will hear those nasty comments.
> This experience was what I can call a "warm welcome"...

It *is* a good idea, but nobody else has shown much interest in doing 
it, hence the suggestion that you do it. And, hey, even Jasper knew 
bugger all about programming when he first started working on xfce. He's 
a chemist, after all.

Remember, the best suggestions come with code.

-- b

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