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samuel verstraete samuel.verstraete at
Fri Apr 15 19:53:06 CEST 2005

in my opinion Lucas... you were only asking a legitimate question...
don't know why Ondrej seems to be getting aggresive on this...

you are welcome... 


On 4/15/05, Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues <lookkas at> wrote:
> Ondrej Mihalyi wrote:
> > I'm not XFCE developer but requests of this kind just irritate me.
> Biju Chacko wrote:
> > Good Idea. Go right ahead.
> Hey, wait a minute. I'm not demanding anything. I was just wanting to
> see what people here think about it, not flaming or trolling, want to
> press devs to do this or anything else. I imagined that my words were
> pretty clear about it.
> If the developers don't want to work on it, FINE. But just being rude
> won't help anything. If this is your way of being nice with people,
> congratulations. You are great at doing it.
> Now I know that programming a DM is really difficult and that I should
> not speak about this again, or I will hear those nasty comments.
> This experience was what I can call a "warm welcome"...
> Have a nice day
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