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Fri Apr 8 21:52:14 CEST 2005

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Joe Crawford wrote:

>>> I've been involved in a few open source projects, and thought I
>>> might be able to benefit xfce. (Which I already think is doing
>>> phenomenally well)

Very cool.  I think we're certainly lacking in consistency (meaning, I
might do things a bit differently from Jasper, for example), and I'm
sure there are areas where we could improve usability-wise.

> I can use glade, for sure. You use gtk2 right? I have many gtk2
> interfaces with glade.

Yep, gtk2.

> Worse comes to worse, I can just use gimp/inkscape to mock up
> stuff.

Ooh - does that mean you're an artist too?  Francois is our resident
talent, but he tends to be busy with that whole family thing (crazy
man...).  Witness the beauty that is Rodent, however.

>> We don't really have any user interface guidelines, but we
>> generally loosely follow GNOME HIG recommendations. For me the
>> most important deviation is the spacing around dialogs, which I
>> find a bit too big in GNOME (12px), so we generally use the gtk
>> default, which I believe is 6px.

Speaking of consistency, I believe I usually use 8px =/.

>> I expect there will be a lot of new interfaces that need to be
>> designed for 4.4, so ideas about that are more than welcome.
> Awesome. Where could I get some information about things that need
> to be thought about?

Well, as someone already mentioned, there's Thunar.  Jasper is working
on redoing large portions of the panel, and he's messing around with
dialog layout.  I'm planning on adding desktop icon support to
xfdesktop (this will be a part of Thunar as well, possibly sharing
some code).  That's all I can think of off the top of my head, but I'm
sure there is/will be more.

> One thing I think needs a lot of work is the default settings of
> Xfce. They could definitely be a lot better, I'll make some
> reccomendations along with the reasoning for them.

Sounds good.  I look forward to it.

> This will be fun!

Damn right ^_^.

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