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Joe Crawford joetainment at
Fri Apr 8 18:49:58 CEST 2005

Hello. My name is Joe Crawford. I'm a big fan of Xfce, and am also a
user interface designer.

I've been involved in a few open source projects, and thought I might
be able to benefit xfce. (Which I already think is doing phenomenally

Primarily I've been involved with K3d, which used to have a very shaky
user interface, but is now working out very well, though its still
mostly incomplete and under heavy development.

Whoever is in charge around here... you could contant Timothy Shead,
the lead developer of k3d here, Who perhaps could indicate my
usefullness in UI development.:

tshead at    (about k3d!)

I'm not a very good programmer, so I doubt I could be of any use
coding much, but I am very good at evaluating interfaces from a end
users perspective and developing recomendations to make things clearer
and more intuitive. I am reasonably decent at python... but that's
about it. C++ is pretty sketchy for me.


Joe Crawford
Owner - Joetainment Enterprises
Cell: 604-866-3050
Email: joe at
Messenger: joetainment at
ICQ: 103730379

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