Minor Mailing List Proposal

Erik Harrison erikharrison at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 02:55:59 CEST 2005

It's a little hard to figure out what lists to sign up for, and there
are still occasional posts to dead lists. I suggest the following to
lower the barrier to entry for new users.

Eliminate the old Xfce-dev list, we do all work on Xfce4-dev already.
Eliminate the advocacy list - that never really took off, everything
is done here anyway.

Once SVN is ready to take external projects, perhaps migrate the
goodies list over too? We keep saying that directory.xfce.org is
coming - perhaps that list could do double duty, since the people who
care about one care about the other.

Then I would suggest that the mailing list page just go through a
minor change so that it's

Users list
Release alerts list

Developer list
Xfc list
Thunar list
Goodies list

Commits list
Bugzilla list

which I think nicely organizes the list, and makes it obvious to users
where to get what they are looking for.

Just a thought!


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