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Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Mon Apr 4 04:08:35 CEST 2005

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the informative reply.  As you're aware, the xfdesktop4
included with Xfld uses a *completely different* menu system than Xfce
xfdesktop's menu system.  Xfce's xfdesktop (as of 4.2.1) should not show
the unresolved symbol problem you're describing, though depending on
whatever is wrong, the "Quit" menu item may not function.  From the
build logs for, I see you're definitely using Xfld's xfdesktop4.

If you (i.e., Ubuntu) are installing xfce4-session with the deafult
xfce4 install, you should just be able to replace the call to quit()
with something like system("/path/to/xfce4-session-logout").  Of course,
if the user manually disables xfce4-session, the Quit menu will be
non-functional again.

(All this is assuming you stick with Xfld's xfdesktop4.)

Of course, if you go back to Xfce's xfdesktop, the unresolved symbol
problem will go away (and xfdesktop will run), but the "Quit" menu item
won't do anything.  Or maybe it will.  Reports differ on this.

As an aside, I have no problems with forking, but at least significantly
change the application name!  /me grumbles at Benny

As for actually solving the problem and making it work properly
everywhere, I haven't a clue.


Daniel T.Chen wrote:
> Olivier Fourdan <fourdan <at> xfce.org> writes:
>>FYI. I confirm the problem.
> Hi Oliver, Brian, Myles,
> I'm one of the two fellows maintaining Ubuntu Hoary's Xfce packages (based on
> the sources from Benny & os-works.com).  Since my other email address is having
> problems subscribing to xfce4-dev, I'm using my Yahoo one.
> First of all, I'd like to apologise for the xfdesktop4 issue.  Because we synced
> from os-works.com, we got Xfld's version of the xfdesktop source, which
> apparently has additional work on top of Xfce 4.2.1's.  The missing symbol is
> really causing some forehead-scratching here, and I can't seem to nail the
> problem.  The binaries from os-works.com work fine, but ours (built using sbuild
> chroots, see
> http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/x/xfdesktop/ indeed
> exhibit the [...undefined symbol: quit].  It doesn't seem to be affected by
> --disable-final, and rebuilding the entire dependency chain still exhibits the
> same issue.
> Since the 'xfce4' binary metapackage depends on xfce4-session, we might be able
> to hack in something, but I'd rather preserve a clean solution.
> Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
> (As an aside, we'll change the default background for the next upload, Oliver.)
> Thanks,
> Daniel
> MOTUXfce
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