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Fri Sep 24 00:08:06 CEST 2004

foo-projects!  it's absolutely brilliant!  brilliant i tell you!

from an outside standpoint, i don't really see why it's necessary, but
if it makes admin tasks easier on you, by all means, you're the boss.

i'm a little confused though.  first you say:

> My intent is to provide everyone with a simple set of services (smtp, 
> ssh etc) that I can describe with a single hostname (which won't be 
> anything with lunar or xfce). That makes easier mail, dns configurations 
> for me, but also for people using the servers to work on these projects.

but then later you seem to contradict yourself:

> my idea is also to make '' the official DNS name 
> of the host, as well as the MX for all projects, host ssh and 
> imaps/pop3s etc (certificate name). This will be easier for developers 
> as they only need to remember a single hostname in the future.

so what is it?  are you going to give us a single hostname that "won't
be anything with lunar or xfce," or are we going to use  (which, in case you didn't catch it, has the
word 'lunar' in it ^_~)  personally, it doesn't matter to me...  i've had
my imaps host set to for quite a while.


On 09/23/04 22:55, Auke Kok wrote:
> Hello <ALL>,
> Since we have moved to a new server I had a nasty itch. The itch is 
> basically Xfce people using the Lunar-Linux server and vice versa. I 
> never liked the idea and it always cost me a lot of trouble to remind me 
> and others that the xfce people need to use '' as their 
> mailserver. I really didn't mind sharing a system but the 'name' is and 
> keeps being strange...
> That's all nice and dandy but I've also found a scratch. The scratch is 
> simple... we're hosting 5 projects right now on espresso... and these 5 
> projects have not much in common (xfce != linux, lunar != ... etc) 
> except they are UN*X projects. I had to think of a common name to group 
> all these great projects under (that wasn't taken) and that would catch 
> the 'common denominator'.
> The projects we currently support BTW are of course: lunar-linux, Xfce, 
> gemini, ferm and Filer (yup). The big 2 have their own domain name but I 
> hope to provide a subdomain for any small project that needs some 
> webspace or more. So anyway... I have conceived:
> now wait there's nothing there yet. but there will be the following:
> - info page about us and all the projects
> - where I will be
> - sofar's ferm project page
> - tchans/kongars gemini project page
> - perldudes perl/gtk file manager
> ... your project here!
> also separate lunar and xfce from development work ans allow me to keep 
> an eye on bandwidth etc. All in all it will save me some time 
> administrating stuff too.
> okay okay now this is just a stupid idea... don't kill me if you don't 
> like it.
> ideas, new projects and other abuse of server resources welcome... e-mail:
>    sofar at     =^D
> Auke Kok
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