Auke Kok sofar at
Thu Sep 23 22:55:49 CEST 2004

Hello <ALL>,

Since we have moved to a new server I had a nasty itch. The itch is 
basically Xfce people using the Lunar-Linux server and vice versa. I 
never liked the idea and it always cost me a lot of trouble to remind me 
and others that the xfce people need to use '' as their 
mailserver. I really didn't mind sharing a system but the 'name' is and 
keeps being strange...

That's all nice and dandy but I've also found a scratch. The scratch is 
simple... we're hosting 5 projects right now on espresso... and these 5 
projects have not much in common (xfce != linux, lunar != ... etc) 
except they are UN*X projects. I had to think of a common name to group 
all these great projects under (that wasn't taken) and that would catch 
the 'common denominator'.

My intent is to provide everyone with a simple set of services (smtp, 
ssh etc) that I can describe with a single hostname (which won't be 
anything with lunar or xfce). That makes easier mail, dns configurations 
for me, but also for people using the servers to work on these projects.

The projects we currently support BTW are of course: lunar-linux, Xfce, 
gemini, ferm and Filer (yup). The big 2 have their own domain name but I 
hope to provide a subdomain for any small project that needs some 
webspace or more. So anyway... I have conceived:

now wait there's nothing there yet. but there will be the following: - info page about us and all the projects - where I will be - sofar's ferm project page - tchans/kongars gemini project page - perldudes perl/gtk file manager
... your project here!

my idea is also to make '' the official DNS name 
of the host, as well as the MX for all projects, host ssh and 
imaps/pop3s etc (certificate name). This will be easier for developers 
as they only need to remember a single hostname in the future. It will 
also separate lunar and xfce from development work ans allow me to keep 
an eye on bandwidth etc. All in all it will save me some time 
administrating stuff too.

okay okay now this is just a stupid idea... don't kill me if you don't 
like it.

ideas, new projects and other abuse of server resources welcome... e-mail:

    sofar at     =^D

Auke Kok

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