documentation for hidden options

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Wed Sep 22 20:00:01 CEST 2004

Nils Rennebarth wrote:
> Hi,
> speaking of hidden fwm4 options (i.e. only settable by the xfwm4rc file, 
> not via a GUI), is there some written documentation of how they are 
> called and what they mean? I could not find any in the xfce tree checked 
> out from CVS.
> I volunteer to write some, but someone should give me advice in what 
> form the documentation is wanted and hints for the toolchain involved, 
> if any.
> BTW speaking of hidden options and documentation, 4.2 apparently uses 
> other places to store its config files, namely under ~/.config/xfce4/... 
> Is that documented anywhere, or must it be written as well? Same offer 
> applies.

The documentation is written in docbook xml, for xfwm4 it's in 
xfwm4/doc/C/. We use xsltproc to generate html. I think, some of the 
options were described in the manual, but I'm not sure.

In general we have on getting started guide (which is installed by 
xfce-utils) and each module (ideally) has its own manual. None of them 
really have been updated to 4.2 yet, I think.

I think it would be nice to add a "Files" section to every manual 
explaining the purpose and location of all config files. Oh, and 
environment variables, if applicable.

That reminds me that the new kiosk system needs to be described 
somewhere as well. Either in the manual of every app that supports it or 
in the getting started guide, or even a separate HOWTO.

We sure can use some help with that.


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