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edscott wilson garcia edscott at xfce.org
Wed Sep 22 15:11:13 CEST 2004

El mar, 21-09-2004 a las 23:44, Maarten Boekhold escribió:
> edscott wilson garcia wrote:
> >>If you can come up with some configure/autotools magic to conditionally 
> >>exclude samba from the build, I'd be much obliged.
> > 
> > OK, done. Just run configure with --disable-smbbranch.
> Thanks, I'll see later if I can come up with a way to automatically use 
> this as a default on cygwin...
> > I seriously doubt whether the fstab stuff will be of any utility under
> > windows.
> Well, fstab maybe not, as there is no such file under cygwin, but cygwin 
> *does* use mounts. This is the cygwin way of placing windows paths in 
> the 'unix filesystem'. I.e. on my system, the mount table (which is 
> actually stored in the windows registry) looks like:
> C:\cygwin\root\usr\X11R6\lib\X11\fonts on /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts type 
> system (binmode)
> C:\cygwin\root\bin on /usr/bin type system (binmode)
> C:\cygwin\root\lib on /usr/lib type system (binmode)
> C:\sw\jdk\1.4.2_02 on /opt/jdk/1.4.2_02 type system (binmode)
> C:\cygwin\root on / type system (binmode)
> C:\sw\apache on /opt/apache type system (binmode)
> c:\sw\sybase on /opt/sybase type system (binmode)
> C:\sw\tibco on /opt/tibco type system (binmode)
> c:\sw\saxon on /opt/saxon type system (binmode)
> c:\Maarten on /home/maarten type system (binmode)
> C: on /c type system (binmode)
> E: on /e type system (binmode)
> There is no GUI based tool for users to maintain this, all you have is 
> the 'mount/umount' commands. It might be nice to have an xfce4 plugin 
> that can maintain this... Something for later maybe...

Definitely something useful. If you look at libs/fstab.c you will see
that it is split into three sections, depending on operating system. One
more for cygwin would be in order. Very simple functions here.

A feature that would have to wait until 4.3 is that since no fstab file
exists, xffm could create and have options to add/remove lines.  
> > The second type are the modules
> > which require xffm libraries to run (so far just 3 modules: find, samba,
> > and properties dialog).
> Ah, that's where the confusion was. I was originally under the 
> impression that libraries such as libxffm_basic/libxffm_secondary etc. 
> also were modules, but it seems they're just regular shared libraries 
> that are linked against directly...

On linux, xffm modules are stored at $prefix/lib/xfce4/xffm, while plain
libraries are at $prefix/lib. Some of the xffm modules are still used as
libraries, but that is currently changing (libxffm_book, libxffm_fstab,

> > Originally it was using symlinks. Jasper changed them to hard links for
> > several good reasons which I can't remember at the moment. Since
> > hardlinks are unavailable under cygwin, softlinks should be used for
> > windows instead.
> OK, should be easy to change...

Jasper cannot recall having changed softlinks for hardlinks, so maybe
someone else committed the change (or it was done by accident). Since I
personally prefer softlinks, I'm switching back.  



> I'll see if I can find some time today during work to do a bit more work 
> on this :) (that is if I can get CVS working from the office through a 
> firewall/proxy).
> Maarten
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