Nedit/xfce bug?

Xavier Otazu xotazu at
Tue Sep 21 16:33:49 CEST 2004


	There is a weird behaviour with Nedit editor only present in xfce (in 
KDE it works right):

	I am editing several files using Nedit editor. Every file is opened in 
a different window. For every window, I open the 'find' (or replace) 
dialog to find some character strings in the file. When I try to close 
one of these find dialogs, the dialog continues to be opened but it is 
completely crashed. On the other side, when opening only a single find 
dialog, I can close the dialog.

	This strange behaviour does not appear when using KDE environtment.

	My system is Slackware 10.0, nedit 5.5RC1 and 5.5RC2, xfce (cvs version 
from 5th august).

	I do not believe this is a Nedit issue (but I could be wrong) because 
this behaviour was present in previous 5.5RC1 version and in the last 
one 5.5RC2.

	Some idea?


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