bug tracker improvements

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at xfce.org
Fri Sep 17 11:51:47 CEST 2004

On Fri, Sep 17, 2004 at 12:51:43AM -0700, Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> ok, strike that.  i found a copy of 2.16.6, and it's up and running:
> http://kelnos.spuriousinterrupt.org/bugzilla-2.16.6/
> current xfce buglist is imported.  i really should go to bed... i'll see 
> how seamless the upgrade to the latest version is (the new 
> soon-to-be-stable branch has some cool features), and maybe we can do 
> the move on saturday.

Nice. Now I remember, one of my complaints with bugzilla is it's aesthetics
;-) That query page is _awful_. I hope we can improve that a little, or have a
page to choose some pre-defined queries (all open, all with reporter, all with
module) with a link to the 'advanced' query page.

We probably need to define at least some policy on keywords to use, etc.

Otherwise it looks very powerful.


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