bug tracker improvements

Auke Kok sofar at lunar-linux.org
Thu Sep 16 20:56:45 CEST 2004

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:

>hi all-
>this is mainly addressed to anyone with permissions to mess with the bug
>tracker's settings.
>1) i've asked for this several times in the past - could i please have an
>'xfdesktop' category in the bug tracker?  i really think there should be one
>for every xfce4 app, possibly even some plugin-specific categoryies.

that's possible, I believe jasper and olivier have the proper 
permissions to make it so

>2) can mantis automatically assign bugs to certain people based on category?
>if so, this would be nice to do so i don't have to sift through the xfce-bugs
>list all the time.  in fact, i'd prefer it if i could unsub from that list
not without hacking or checking if the newer versions available support 
it already

BTW1 you can write a procmail filter to do this automatically easily.

BTW2 you can also set "nomail" in your mailman subscriptions... you'll 
not receive mails but you will be subscribed.

>3) why are we not using bugzilla?  i know it's a larger and more complicated
>piece of software, but it seems to have a few more useful features - notably
>with regards to email notification, dependencies, and queries.  i also like
>how bugzilla handles bug status much better (though perhaps that's just
>because i'm more used to bugzilla).  i know switching to bugzilla might be a
>pain, and i don't even know if there's a remotely doable method for importing
>mantis bugs into bugzilla, but i have a feeling that, as xfce grows its
>userbase, mantis' interface is going to prove to be rather unwieldy.  if
>given appropriate access on espresso, i wouldn't mind being the point person
>on setting up bugzilla and migrating our current bugs and users.

historical reason: we at lunar-linux used mantis already before and when 
xfce.org migrated to the lunar server this was very easy to do because 
we already had the stuff to make it work (really quick).

I have nothing against bugzilla per se... it would just take me the time 
to setup ... the choice is yours (as you know probably lunar doesn't use 
mantis anymore even due to other requirements... we switched to an 
all-in-one CMS).

switching to bugzilla is FWM... if someone wants to test-setup it at 
home and tell me what is needed from my behalf to make it work then go 
ahead. just make sure as usual that you get olivier and jasper's OK with 
it... I am just the sysadmin ;^) (/me hides)


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