bug tracker improvements

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Thu Sep 16 20:33:10 CEST 2004

hi all-

this is mainly addressed to anyone with permissions to mess with the bug
tracker's settings.

1) i've asked for this several times in the past - could i please have an
'xfdesktop' category in the bug tracker?  i really think there should be one
for every xfce4 app, possibly even some plugin-specific categoryies.

2) can mantis automatically assign bugs to certain people based on category?
if so, this would be nice to do so i don't have to sift through the xfce-bugs
list all the time.  in fact, i'd prefer it if i could unsub from that list

3) why are we not using bugzilla?  i know it's a larger and more complicated
piece of software, but it seems to have a few more useful features - notably
with regards to email notification, dependencies, and queries.  i also like
how bugzilla handles bug status much better (though perhaps that's just
because i'm more used to bugzilla).  i know switching to bugzilla might be a
pain, and i don't even know if there's a remotely doable method for importing
mantis bugs into bugzilla, but i have a feeling that, as xfce grows its
userbase, mantis' interface is going to prove to be rather unwieldy.  if
given appropriate access on espresso, i wouldn't mind being the point person
on setting up bugzilla and migrating our current bugs and users.


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