cygwin port: status

Maarten Boekhold boekhold at
Sun Sep 12 12:52:48 CEST 2004

Hi all,

The cygwin port seems to be going pretty well. At the moment I'm stuck 
at some problems with the loading of plugins. For example, the 
xfdesktop:xfce4_desktop_menu plugin (specific to xfdesktop) is installed 
by libtool in $(prefix)/lib/xfce4/modules. However, on cygwin only the 
libtool archive is installed in this location. The actual DLL 
(cygxfce4_desktop_menu.dll) is installed in 
$(prefix)/lib/xfce4/bin/cygxfce4_desktop_menu.dll. Don't ask me why, 
it's a cygwin libtool specific thing.

g_module_build_path has a problem with this, as it returns 
$(prefix)/lib/xfce4/lib/cygxfce4_desktop_menu.dll as the filename to 
g_module_open(). Obviously this fails.

I'm mailing with the maintainer of the cygwin glib package to try to get 
this fixed. I believe that cygwin gmodule_build_path should try to 
discover if there is a libtool archive for the specified module in the 
specified directory, and if so return the path to that libtool archive. 
g_module_open() knows how to handle/parse libtool archives, and would 
thus open the correct DLL 

When I have a fix for this, I expect all modules to load without 
problems, and the biggest hurdles for completing the XFCE4 port to 
cygwin would be taken.


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