keythemerc problem

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Sun Oct 31 02:37:39 CEST 2004

Erik Harrison wrote:

>On Sun, 31 Oct 2004 10:48:33 +1100, Benjamin Rich
>< at> wrote:
>>Okay, had:
>>.themes/Default/xfwm4/keythemerc (my bindings)
>>del'd 'default', moved 'Default' to 'benxor', now it shows up in the
>>list for editing along with 'Default' and 'Xfce-bold'. Problem
>>While I'm at it I also had a small feature request =P  Could the
>>number of custom keybindings be increased from 10 to 20, or more? Keys
>>for operating, say, a music player take up about 5 bindings alone
>>(next song, last song, stop, pause, unpause, etc) so I have trouble
>>fitting them all in to only 10.
>This has been requested in the past. Really, xfwm4 has the keybindings
>in order to manage itself, and as the global location for standard
>Xfce keyboard shortcuts. It's really not the place for generic
>keyboard shortcuts, and this is why it's been turned down in the past.
>I have some code for providing a complete keybinding solution for
>Xfce, but it has been sitting for quite a while. I think a few others
>have taken a stab at it. I might try to get it together and submit it
>for inclusion after 4.2 is released.
really, xfwm4 is not meant as a general keybinding manager.  the 10 
shortcuts provided are just for the casual user, for convenience.  if 
you really want more than that, you should be using something like 

on the other hand, if someone wanted to write an MCS plugin for 
xbindkeys that can detect whether or not it's installed and show/hide 
itself appropriately, i'm sure we'd include it in xfce-mcs-plugins...


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