keythemerc problem

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Sat Oct 30 14:05:17 CEST 2004

Benjamin Rich wrote:
> Just wondering about why this is happening:
> I have a set of keybindings for xfwm4, which are in
> ~/.themes/Default/xfwm4/keythemerc. However, even those these bindings
> *work* - they're picked up by xfwm4 and everything runs fine - what I
> can't do anymore it seems is *edit* them. When I open the Settings
> dialogue from the xfce panel, and go to Window Manager -> Keyboard, I
> see two themes: Xfce-bold and Default, but both have only default
> keybindings in them, and not mine. I also can't remove them from the
> list.
> The only way I can currently edit my keybindings is by changing stuff
> directly in the .themes/.../keythemerc file.
> I don't have any files in .xfce4/ (anymore) and I'm using the CVS
> version of xfce. I've had this problem for a month or so, and I update
> pretty regularly (this is still happening as of the update I did
> sometime today).
> Anyone know what might be causing this? Any help you can give me would
> be really useful =)

I think the editor doesn't allow you to edit the Default theme anymore. 
You can right-click on the keytheme list on the left and add a new one, 
which you can edit.


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