xfmedia 0.2.0 released

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Thu Oct 28 11:27:10 CEST 2004

hi all-

xfmedia 0.2.0 is out in the usual place:
i've also put up CVSweb if you want to check it out; link is on the webpage.

notable goodness:
* multiple crashes when changing streams fixed
* crash when mousing over the non-fullscreened video window fixed
* can use goom for audio visualisations (fullscreen or windowed)
* can use systray icon for playback control, also can minimise to systray
* added app icon
* made the control window shorter when the playlist is collapsed
* fullscreen control bar tweaks
* ability to add URLs from the GUI
* startup time is a bit shorter (though i think it could still be better)

known issues:
* recursive directory addition doesn't work right
* GUI will freeze if you try to play a nonexistant file (i'm not sure 
why; something is locking up in libxine)
* tray icon doesn't really go away when you uncheck the box
* tray icon won't reappear if you kill the systray and restart it

otherwise, i think this is a much more solid release than 0.1.0.  i hope 
you enjoy it...


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