side-by-side install weirdness revisited

David Fraser davidf at
Wed Oct 27 10:28:26 CEST 2004

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:

>hi all,
>every now and then someone wants to install xfce4-cvs into /opt/xfce4-cvs,
>while still keeping xfce4-stable in /usr.  they try it, and it doesn't
>compile properly.  well, actually, it doesn't link properly.  and then they
>come here and ask why, and i say it can't be done, and try to explain why,
>that it has something to do with how libtool finds existing libraries
>and it's a big hassle to get it to work properly.  randy messed around with
>it a bit to find a real fix, but never finished.
>i was reading planet gnome today, and it seems that what i long suspected
>was correct after all: it's a libtool bug!  see here:
>for an explanation.  isn't that the nastiest thing ever?
It is indeed. Thanks for the pointer I now understand why it was working 
so badly ...


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