Warm up for 4.2 beta2

Randy Chung aoshi at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Sun Oct 24 01:24:11 CEST 2004

If someone could get a list of all the changes out a bit earlier, that 
would make it much easier for me to write something up.  Expanding the 
installation and configuration instructions (and general reorganization) 
might be a good idea too.



Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> BETA1 was a bit chaotic IMHO. I guess it was mainly because it came too 
> quickly. Therefore I don't think it is wise to repeat the same mistake 
> with BETA2. How about: We agree on BETA2 for the upcoming weekend 
> (20041030 is beta2 day), so everybody has time to check bugzilla 
> entries, check make dist, maarten can check cygwin port, Olivier can 
> prepare RPMs, I can prepare the installer and the debian packages, the 
> advocacy team can prepare the announcements and release notes, ... or to 
> sum up: lets do it right this time. :-) So what do ya think?

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