Extra MCS Modules

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at xfce.org
Fri Oct 22 11:29:48 CEST 2004

On Fri, Oct 22, 2004 at 11:21:48AM +0200, Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> >On Fri, Oct 22, 2004 at 10:20:36AM +0200, Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> >...
> >
> >>>Anyway, to the point-- I've got modifying the code for another program
> >>>down, but I know absolutely nothing about automake, or making these
> >>>plugins useable by anyone below a 686.. Any comments? Any suggestions?
> >>>Help? guidance? x_X.. Anything at all?
> >>>I hope someone finds this usefull. ^^
> >>
> >>I could help you with the autotools stuff if you want. Also, we could 
> >>import your work into xfce-goodies.berlios.de if thats ok with you, just 
> >>register yourself with berlios and drop me a note with your account name.
> >>
> >
> >Perhaps it would be nice to have some sort of sample module for adding
> >additional commands to the settings manager. Just change the name, command 
> >and
> >icon and you have a new settings dialog.
> Something like 
> http://www.xfce.org/~benny/files/source/generic-mcs-plugin.c? ;-)

Hehe, cool. Yes, exactly like that. Perhaps with autotools stuff (CYGWIN
support). And with gdk-pixbuf-csource to generate the fallback icon.

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