Extra MCS Modules

James Golden - aka Chibi chibifs at studiochibico.com
Fri Oct 22 09:47:22 CEST 2004

 'Lo Everyone.
 Lemme start off with a whopping thankyou to all of the xfce devs. ^_^.
This project is my paradise, Tracking the 4 to 4.2 development gave me a
lot of new hope with Linux, finally having a full desktop that runs as
fast as blackbox, with all of the goodies of gtk.
 I've been trolling the forums for some time, and decided to do a few
very tiny things here and there to help improve upon XFCE. One thing
I've found myself capable of is modifying the code of others. :P
 [ http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?t=1121 ]
 This was a quick little diddy I did to add nvidia-settings to the mcs
manager. Yes, it is a total rip off of the screensaver plugin, but I
felt like it was worth throwing together. I'm also planning to make a
few modifications for links to the gnome-system-tools that allow you to
control common system settings like time, passwords, bootloaders, users,
and network stuff.
 XFCE is far beyond any of the current DE's out there today. It's
usability, simplicity, and speed is stunning. What it's missing, there
are simple solutions to...

 Anyway, to the point-- I've got modifying the code for another program
down, but I know absolutely nothing about automake, or making these
plugins useable by anyone below a 686.. Any comments? Any suggestions?
Help? guidance? x_X.. Anything at all?
 I hope someone finds this usefull. ^^


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