Xinerama and Compose, Screen Placement Issues, other small things...

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Wed Oct 20 08:19:09 CEST 2004

Ok guys,

please cool down a bit. No-one's trying to stone-wall anyone, and Rob's 
questions are legitimate.

Rob, you initial post looked like a typical user mail and I'm afraid the 
fact that it was posted to the dev list on purpose may not have been 
obvious enough ;-)

Placing windows off-screen is a real bug and if you have an idea of 
what's causing it and can even provide a patch, that would of course be 

You can't imagine how many times apparent bugs in xfce 4.2 have been 
caused by people still running 4.0 or parts of 4.0, so maybe you'll 
forgive people jumping to the wrong conclusion when seeing your 
screenshot. Ideally, confirming it once should have been enough, of course.

We use ~/.config because it's a (proposed) freedesktop standard. Sure, 
we're probably the first to adopt it, but someone has to be the first. 
We also use ~/.config/xfce4/ so the chance of collision with something 
else is not bigger than it is for ~/.xfce4/.

~/Desktop/Autostart/ I agree may not be the obvious choice, but it has 
historically been used even by xfce3 and there doesn't seem to be a 
strong reason to change.

There can only be one panel per X screen, that means using multiple 
panels only works for a multihead setup, not for Xinerama.

I hope that answers your questions,


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