Rodent and png icons

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Sun Oct 17 21:07:10 CEST 2004

El dom, 17-10-2004 a las 12:31, Francois Le Clainche escribió:
> Le samedi 16 octobre 2004 à 19:30, edscott wilson garcia a écrit:
> > Works under all circumstances I can think of (you have to update the
> > Rodent theme to test, because many icon sizes were found to be broken).
> > I commited the fix (in three steps), I hope you don't mind, see patch
> > below.
> hm... re.
> I know that old index.theme was a bit broken. But now Nautilus crashes
> on me :
> (nautilus:10428): librsvg-WARNING **: rsvg_start_svg: width and height
> not specified in the SVG, nor supplied by the size callback
> nautilus: art_render_gradient.c:337:
> art_render_gradient_linear_render_8:  l'assertion « (stops[ix-1].offset
> <= offset_fraction + 1e-6) || ((stops[ix].offset > (1.0 - 1e-6)) &&
> (offset_fraction < 1e-6 )) » a échoué.
> Works fine if I use the old Rodent index.theme.
> Dunno why.

Don't know why either, but my guess is that there is inconsistent
behaviour with respect to index.theme. xfce-icontheme regards svg icons
to have a -1 size. Fixing index.theme to reflect this seems to be ok
with xfce-icontheme, but not for the gnome way. I'm now commiting svg
sizes back to 128. Either the size field for png and svg does not mean
the same thing, or this is a hack we must keep an eye open on.



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