Rodent and png icons

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Sun Oct 17 00:02:15 CEST 2004

edscott wilson garcia wrote:

>El vie, 15-10-2004 a las 21:52, Brian J. Tarricone escribió:
>>edscott wilson garcia wrote:
>>>I tweaked it just a bit, so that svg icons can be used as a backup if
>>>png icon is not available when:
>>>since the idea is to speed up rendering of large icon sets, not limit
>>>the rendering ability.
>>>I hope this is OK with you. If not, it can be reverted and I can get the
>>>same result by installing the Rodent svg icons into a separate directory 
>>>from the png icons (although I'd rather not).
>>hmm, i'm not sure i like that all that much.  that confuses the API a 
>>bit, as it doesn't _really_ do what it says it does.  either you want 
>>SVG or you don't; i don't think there should be an in-between.
>Yes, the tweak confuses the API, I wasn't too happy either. I'll revert
>the proposed tweak... Reverted.
>There is a much better way, not a tweak but a fix:  if the requested
>icon size matches the size of a png icon, the png icon should be
>unconditionally preferred. There is no reason to scale an image that is
>*already* to scale, right? 
that makes sense; good point.  i think it should be doable without 
turning the lookup procedure into a nightmare.  i don't really have time 
to look at this right now, but if you get to it first, feel free to see 
if you can get it to work.  let me know how it goes.


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