QA 4.2 : KDE services persist when cancelled

David Fraser davidf at
Fri Oct 15 06:52:56 CEST 2004

purslow at wrote:

>following the discussion earlier today, i thought i would compare
>KDE & Xfce start-up times without any applications & KDE services in Xfce.
>i closed everything which was running on desktops in both environments
>& in Xfce 4.2 unchecked the box to start KDE services in the settings manager.
>when i rebooted & restarted Xfce, KDE services started regardless,
>as shown by Pstree in an Xterm & by instant opening of a Konsole afterwards:
>     |-kdeinit---kdeinit
>     |-2*[kdeinit]
>     |-keventd
>     |-khubd
>     |-kio_uiserver
>     |-klogd
>     |-7*[konqueror]
>     |-kreiserfsd
>     |-kscand
>     |-ksoftirqd_CPU0
>     |-kswapd
>     |-kupdated
> ~/.config/xfce4-session/xfce4-session.rc  still contains
>  LaunchKDE=false
>it looks as if when KDE services are unchecked in the settings manager,
>no note is made for use by the session manager not to restart them
>as part of the otherwise empty new session.
>the work-around would be to kill all the above processes before logout,
>but it does look like a small oversight in the session-manager's behaviour,
>which perhaps deserves to be fixed before 4.2-final.
>i believe someone else may have mentioned this under another thread.
Hi Phillip

I think you need to understand the following:
Any KDE application requires the KDE libraries to start up.
So if you use LaunchKDE or not, starting konsole will mean they have to 
start up.
What you call a "work-around" is actually the solution.
You *can't* use konsole without starting the KDE libraries.
So trying to speed this up is pointless - its not xfce that's slow, its 
konsole, because it uses all the KDE libraries.

Do you understand this?


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