is Xfce getting too bloated ?

Nikolas Arend Nikolas.Arend at
Thu Oct 14 22:55:26 CEST 2004

Ambrose Li wrote:

>This sounds rather mysterious to me. A few months ago I happen to have
>to configure a few old PC's as Linux boxes, and the difference between
>running KDE3 and XFCE4 was *huge*. In short, KDE was completely
>unusable on those boxes, while XFCE4 is (provided that I take care to
>avoid KDE or GNOME apps).
>Perhaps the small difference between KDE3 and XFCE4 startup times only
>shows that you have good hardware. On not-so-good hardware, the
>difference is not so small.
I must strongly agree, I've had to install a bunch of old boxes (mainly 
used as terminals)
lately and KDE would 1) not have fitted on the hard drive and 2) make 
users go and get
a coffee while it's starting up. Well, seriously, Xfce 4.1/4.2 (maybe 
not 3) is IMHO the best
compromise between user friendliness/features and performance there is. 
I can let
rather unexperienced users hit the boxes and they'll find their way 
around. This is
mainly due to a lot of things that have been added or modified in 
version 4.1.

Ok, guess I've said enough for this thread.

Good night,

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