Some 4.1.90 usability thoughts

Jeff Franks jcf at
Thu Oct 14 05:19:25 CEST 2004

I've been using 4.1.90 on Fedora FC3 test 2 for a few weeks and I have a 
few usability thoughts that might be worth considering, at some stage.

1. It would be user friendly for left handed people to be able to add 
the pager the to left side of the task bar instead of the right.

I'm left handed and I hold the mouse with my left hand. More often than 
not the mouse cursor comes to a rest on the left side of the screen (the 
opposite to right handed people). It is a lot easier and more 
comfortable for a left handed person to move the cursor up the screen to 
the left side of the task rather than diagonally across the screen to 
the opposite corner.

2. Lil' Star Iconbox would make a good panel plugin.

The Iconbox functions similarly to the task bar and would offer users a 
different desktop experience if they could optionally add the Lil' Star 
Iconbox to the panel as a plugin, and optionally hide the taskbar. Some 
people like to (or need to) maximize screen real estate for the 
application(s) they use so having this optional desktop arrangement 
might prove beneficial.

3. I've noticed that when Xfce 4.1.90 starts for the 'first' time there 
is a 10 to12 second delay after the task bar and panel appear before the 
desktop becomes usable. To the user it seems that the desktop is frozen 
because it doesn't respond to button clicks on the desktop, menu or 
panel. On subsquent log offs and log ons (while not rebooting) this 
doesn't happen. Is this a bug or is there something going on in the 

Jeff Franks.

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