Integrating GFC into Xfce

Jeff Franks jcf at
Wed Oct 13 05:22:52 CEST 2004

Benedikt  and Edscott,

I like the name Xfce Foundation Classes as well so I will use that.

As for the GTK+ version numbers, GFC requires GTK 2.4 because it 
includes all the new 2.4 widgets, such as GtkFileChooser and 
GtkUIManager, and has removed the deprecated widgets GtkItemFactory, 
GtkOptionMenu and GtkCombo. I should be able to continue with this 
dependancy because you wont be looking at stable integration until after 
Xfce 4.2, perhaps Xfce 4.4. Using the Xfce4 version numbers will mean 
that XFC will only ever be able to wrap the minimun GTK+ requirement for 
the Xfce desktop version it is released with. Will the first Xfce 4.4 
beta version be 4.3.90. If so, can I tentatively work with this version 
number in

I like the names Xfce-Core and Xfce-UI so I'll work with those. Using 
these names means that other relevent classes/objects/files could be 
added to the modules if required without contradicting the module name. 
Using the library naming scheme you mentioned the library names for the 
modules would be libxfccore4.<suffix> and libxfcui4.<suffix>. The .pc 
files would be xfccore4.pc and xfcui4.pc. Does that sound OK.

The primary namespace in GFC was 'GFC'. So that users know the files are 
Xfce files/classes/objects perhaps the primary namespace should be Xfce 
rather than XFC. This would result in class name syntax like 
Xfce::Gtk::Window instead of XFC::Gtk::Window (which do you prefer). 
This would mean the only place using the XFC letters would be the 
installation directories, such as $includedir/xfce4/xfc and the library 

Jeff Franks.

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