Proposal: An Xfce C++ language binding for GTK+

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Fri Oct 8 07:50:37 CEST 2004

On 10/08/04 00:39, Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> Jeff Franks wrote:
> >Proposal: An Xfce C++ language binding for GTK+
> >From: Jeff Franks.
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> >
> First of all, I don't even know C++, so I may be biased and/or 
> prejudiced. But, to be honest, I just don't see this. Let me try to explain.
> Our 'development platform' consists  basically of some libs with a few 
> functions specific to Xfce. Our real development platform is Gtk, which 
> is what you have wrapped already.

yeah, i'm with jasper here.  no one really uses the xfce core libs aside
from us.  perhaps this will change; who knows?  on the other hand, i'd
probably help with this, since it sounds kinda fun.


p.s. for the record, i prefer C over C++ myself, but it's still a fun

> Xfce is a collection of smallish utilities that try to work together to 
> provide a good desktop experience. Everything is now written in C, 
> because, AFAIK, that is what Olivier prefers.
> Ok, now where does GFC come into this?
> IMHO, it does not make sense to split our main development platform 
> between a C++ and a C framework. We're just not big enough. Even GNOME 
> doesn't do that.
> That leaves two possibilities for GFC: either to be used to write 
> 3rd-party applications or to switch Xfce development over completely to 
> C++. 3rd-party development is basically non-existant, so that doesn't 
> help you, nor would it give you any advantage over what you have now.
> Switching over to C++ could be done; could be gradual too, one module at 
> the time. I guess that mainly depends on personal preference and real or 
> perceived advantages. Personally I don't think that will buy us much, 
> but like I said that may be because I'd have to learn C++ first.
> Your making a very cool offer, I really appreciate that. I just don't 
> really see how it would fit in our development activities. Do you have 
> ideas on this yourself?
> Thanks,
> 	Jasper
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