Proposal: An Xfce C++ language binding for GTK+

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Fri Oct 8 02:25:17 CEST 2004

Jeff Franks wrote:
>> I'm really interested to have atleast one high level language binding 
>> for Xfce and I'd like to help you integrating GFC into Xfce. The 
>> question that drives me currently is: How would you like to see GFC in 
>> the future? As a (mostly) separate project or as an integrated part of 
>> Xfce?
> I don't see GFC surviving on its own. One-man projects seldom do. But 
> I'm dedicated in what I do and I want to continue. I have been thinking 
> about making this proposal for some time because as you said GFC seems 
> to fit well with the Xfce philosophy. My proposal is all or nothing. I 
> would be very happy to see GFC integrated into Xfce, and to help 
> maintain it. GFC would cease to exist as a separate project and  could 
> be removed from SourceForge at some point. Once GFC was integrated into 
> Xfce it could be developed in whatever direction was required. I 
> wouldn't have a problem with that.

Ok, thats a good starting point. In case we all agree on importing GFC, 
I'd say we should import it as a "separate" Xfce module first and start 
to wrap the basic functionality offered by the xfce libs and MCS (and/or 
the new settings system, in case we adopt it). As Jasper says, theres no 
direct need for a C++ wrapper currently, but offering a high level 
language binding could bring more developers to Xfce and besides that, 
its nice to be able not having to write every single piece of code in 
plain C.

One problem I see, is that we'd not only have to maintain and develop 
the Xfce part of the wrapper, but also the Glib/Gtk/Gdk/Pango part. This 
is not necessarily a bad thing, since we can make important decisions of 
our own, but its a lot of work. I'm very impressed that you managed to 
do this of your own in the past. From what I know (please correct me if 
I am wrong) only Brian and I are used to C++, so you'd have to continue 
to do most of the maintaince work over time.

On the gtkmm issue: I know that Murray's team has put a lot of effort 
and time into Gtkmm, and made a good job (mostly). We should maybe try 
to be/stay mostly compatible with gtkmm in a basic way, so we do not 
need to reinvent the wheel with every Gtk+ major release, if thats ok 
with you, Jeff.

So, if nobody complains, I'd like to start looking into details about 
how, where and when to import GFC after the next 4.2BETA is released.

> Jeff Franks.


PS: I personally *klemmer* the idea of switching the whole desktop to C++.

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