Xfce4-terminal : crash

purslow at sympatico.ca purslow at sympatico.ca
Wed Oct 6 14:08:24 CEST 2004

041006 Olivier FOURDAN wrote:
>> i just downloaded  xfce4-terminal-4.1.0 , configured, made & installed.
>> on trying to start it, i got :
>>   purslow: purslow> xfce4-terminal
>>     Fontconfig error: "local.conf", line 43: missing family in alias
>>     Fontconfig error: "local.conf", line 59: missing family in alias
>>     Fontconfig error: "local.conf", line 71: missing family in alias
> This is caused by a wrong "local.conf" configuration file.
> Since it has errors, fontconfig will probably not return the expected font
> and that craches vte, the terminal emulator widget used by xfce-terminal.
> Please fix your "local.conf" file

thanks, i just did that (removing a pair  <prefer> ... </prefer> )
& the font error lines disappear when i start Gvim & Xfce4-terminal.
however, the terminal error persists:

  purslow: desktop> xfce4-terminal

    ** ERROR **: file main.c: line 116 (create_terminal): should not be reached

so the infelicity in  local.conf  was not the cause of the problem.
does anyone have any idea what it might be ?  (Gentoo, Xfce 4.2, Konsole)

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