new panel and old plugins

Marcel Pol mpol at
Wed Nov 17 16:48:39 CET 2004


There seem to be problems with the new panel when it loads old plugins.
It tends to become really unstable when I run the new panel and place
all the 20 old plugins on it. The panel does print a message that it
would be a good idea to rebuild the plugin, but that alone isn't enough.
Imo one of the problems is that the panel in Xfce 4.1/4.2 loads while old plugins load This reminds
me of the old libpng2 vs. libpng3 nightmare.

Since I'm a downstream packager (Mandrakelinux) I'm thinking of solving
it by adding requires and conflicts to packages. The new panel conflicts
with old plugins, and new (rebuilt or really new) require the new panel.
This way people who mix and match packages (and people will do that)
cannot run into these problems.
Another way to resolve it would be upstream, and make the panel refuse
to load plugins that are compiled against the old panel, and against

To me both options are good enough, it's just that the first option
makes me do the work, and the second option makes an Xfce developer
work :-)
What do you think?

Marcel Pol
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