xfce4-icon-theme vs. xfce4-icon-themes

edscott wilson garcia edscott at xfce.org
Wed Nov 17 16:39:08 CET 2004

El mié, 17-11-2004 a las 09:38, Marcel Pol escribió:
> Hello,
> Could the xfce4-icon-theme be renamed to xfce4-icon-themes? I think it
> make sense, and since it's not released as stable I think it can still
> be done.
> I think a simple consensus is that if a package contains one theme, the
> name foo-theme is right, and if there are several themes included it
> should be foo-themes. This naming was also the case with xffm-icons,
> xfwm-themes and xfce-themes and it's the case with theme packages that
> are in Mandrakelinux as well. 

The xfce-icon-theme contains one icon theme at the moment (Rodent), so
the plural would be incorrect. Maybe in the future there will be other
xfce provided themes in there, and the plural would be correct, but
AFAIK, this is not planned for the 4.2 release.



> Thanks in advance.

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