Visted link color in documentation is hard to discern

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Mon Nov 15 09:01:21 CET 2004

Jeff Franks wrote:
> Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
>> That makes visited links stand out more than unvisited ones. How about 
>> making hovering and link color the same, and having extra underline 
>> for hovering?
> Here is an interesting site that covers color selection. There is a 
> quick 3 page tutorial on color 
> ( that explains how to use 
> their online color selector to chooses web page colors 
> (
> Based on the colors for #154374 from this selector, here's a suggestion:
> Make the heading color a shade darker *#11375F**.
> *Make the link color *#236EBE**
> *Make the visited link *#1A5593*
> Keep the hover color as is_ __*#3366FF*_, but with an underline

I like it a lot on your sample page. I uploaded an updated css for the 
online docs, e.g. .

I wonder if the screenshots aren't looking too grey with this background 
color. Perhaps they need a shadow... Benny, what tool did you use to 
create the xfce4-session screenies?

Also I would need to change the color for examples and tables, probably 
in the xsl stylesheet.

Anyone else have an opinion? Francois?


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