Visted link color in documentation is hard to discern

Jeff Franks jcf at
Mon Nov 15 06:38:28 CET 2004

Jasper Huijsmans wrote:

> That makes visited links stand out more than unvisited ones. How about 
> making hovering and link color the same, and having extra underline 
> for hovering?
Here is an interesting site that covers color selection. There is a 
quick 3 page tutorial on color 
( that explains how to use 
their online color selector to chooses web page colors 

Based on the colors for #154374 from this selector, here's a suggestion:

Make the heading color a shade darker *#11375F**.
*Make the link color *#236EBE**
*Make the visited link *#1A5593*
Keep the hover color as is_ __*#3366FF*_, but with an underline

Here is the sample layout page I've been working on to build a CSS file 
for my documentation. I have set the links to use the above colors. I 
like this page layout, I'm just trying top find the right link colors to 
go with it. The page uses #F3F4F8 as the background color because 
'white' is ok for the page of a book but on a luminescent screen it 
tends to 'glare' a bit and gets hard on the eyes. #F3F4F8 just softens 
the glare. I had used darker colored boxes for code samples previously 
but I thought using a lighter shade (#F8F9FD) on the #F3F4F8 background 
looked good. The colors at the top I pinched from the Xfce home page. I 
changed the top color to #11375F to match the darker heading color above.

I would like 3 colors but if we use monochrome shades for the links it's 
hard to find 3 colors that look different enough. Essentially there is 
only two colors, some dark shade and some light shade. Any third color 
will have to be a different color if it is going to stand out enough for 
the user. The suggested colors above do look different enough in bold 
font to work but less so in a normal weight font.

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