Changes between 4.0 and 4.2

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Fri Nov 5 11:54:29 CET 2004

Hey all,

I have prepared a list of user-visible and important changes for all modules, 
based on what I could find in the changelogs. 

I'm sure it will be incomplete, so please reply with corrections and 


- Improved support for Cygwin.

- New file locations based on Basedir specification

- New icons from Xfce icon theme.

- New and updated translations.

- Minimum required gtk version is 2.2 (2.4 is recommended).

- Bugfixes.

- Completely new default theme.

- Improved drawing of radio and check buttons in menus.

- First day of the week option removed, because it's not present in
  gtk 2.4.

- New module in Xfce 4.2: find (and run) applications.

- Alternative interface to the application menu.

- Make iconbox a dock type window (always on top), like the panel.

- New module in Xfce 4.2: icon theme with special icons for
  Xfce; it includes both png and svg icons.

- Complete rewrite of the mixer with settings manager dialog.

- Mixer profiles.

- Support for alsa, oss and sun audio.

- New look with smaller move handles and new default icons.

- Use global icon theme setting (in user interface dialog).

- Improved resizing and moving behaviour; panel is forced to be on
  the edges of the screen.

- The panel is now a dock type window, which means it will always be
  on top.

- Improved focus handling; clicking on the panel will not remove the focus
  from the currently active window.

- There can be only one panel per X screen. Multihead supported when
  environment is set up properly (DISPLAY variable).

- Support for kiosk mode.

- Unload unused plugins and dynamically update plugin list. Use dialog
  to add new panel items, instead of a submenu.

- Mail checker now supports mbox, Maildir and POP3.

- Support for dragging applications from xfce4-appfinder to a launcher
  properties dialog.

- Transparency when XOrg Composite extension is enabled and the window
  manager supports it.

- New module in 4.2: manage applications on Xfce startup.

- Themeable splash screen engines.

- System shutdown/reboot support based on sudo.

- Nothing changed.

- Updated tips.

- Nothing changed.

- New dialog layout: buttons have label below icon and are arranged in
  multiple columns.

- Font rendering settings for the user interface dialog.

- New display settings dialog. (?)

- Add support for xscreensaver settings dialog when available.

- Taskbar can be less than 100% wide

- Call 'xfrun4 filename' to get an 'Open with...' dialog

- Taskbar has option to show only icons.

- About dialog can be compiled with extra vendor information.

- Run dialog now properly checks if command fails.

- Updated user guide.

- Small changes to startup script and xfhelp4 script.

- Add -menu, -windowlist and -reload options for xfdesktop, to be use in

- Support for 'system' menu, which lists all apps that install *.desktop
  files according to the Menu Spec.

- Graphical menu editor.

- Panel plugin to show the menu (yes, it's a start button).

- Multiple screen support, both Xinerama and real multi-head.

- Support for color gradient.

- Use a menu cache to improve performance after it has been generated once.

- Kiosk mode support.

- Use mime standard. (?)

- Two independent panes.

- Completely reworked toolbars and menus.

- Better archiving support (creating tar/tar.gz/tar.bz2 archives).

- Improved trash handling with support for GNOME and KDE trash bins.

- Use global icon theme (user interface dialog).

- Improved samba support

- Support for different printing backends: lpr, cups and file.

- Completely new default look. Several new themes added.

- Support KDE system tray icons.

- Improved focus handling.

- Support for more hints from the Extended Window Manager
  Hints specification.

- Combine margins and workspaces dialogs into one.

- Graphical editor for keyboard shortcuts.

- Change location of themes to be more in line with gtk, metacity,
  and others.

- Support for png images for themes.

- Multiscreen support.

- Optional support for the XOrg Composite extension. This adds a 
  dropshadow to all windows and supports setting transparency by 
  applications themselves or by using a tool like transset.

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