New session manager

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Tue May 18 09:40:39 CEST 2004

a couple oddities.  i restarted X (via GDM) after installing the new 
session manager, and apps started without session management 
(xfce4-panel complained, and clicking the quit button quit only the 
panel).  i looked in ~/.xsession-errors, and it seems that 
~/.ICEauthority was owned and writeable only by root.  i'm not sure why 
that happened, but it broke the session manager.  deleting the file and 
restarting X fixed it.

if you go to logout, the screen goes to this nifty white-grey color 
masking the desktop and everything.  if i click cancel, most apps aren't 
redrawn properly, including the panel.  a screenshot shows it best, i 

also, mozilla thunderbird has suddenly stopped working (process loads 
but hangs with no window, no output to console).  i can't see how this 
would be related, so it may be a coincidence as i haven't restarted 
thunderbird in quite some time.


On Mon, 17 May 2004, Benedikt Meurer wrote:

> Hello Xfce world,
> I just committed the new session manager code to HEAD. It is not yet in a 
> production ready state, but since I'm working on it for over two months now, 
> there has to be a point to commit it, or 4.2 will be released in 2010 :-)
> The new code is now 100% multihead-safe (both MultiScreen and Xinerama), most 
> of the reported bugs are fixed and everything looks better now :)
> The problems are currently:
>   - smproxy does no longer work with the session manager (so, do _NOT_ launch 
> smproxy, it'll cause all kinds of problems). I have to write a multihead safe 
> replacement for smproxy, but that'll take some time.
>   - Some buggy programs can still crash the sm, I'm on it
>   - the interaction sm <-> wm seems to be broken, since xfwm4 does not 
> recognize any windows at startup (Olivier, any ideas on this?)
>   - the splash window is now yet themable (Note, that from now on, the old 
> splash themes are no longer supported), I've talked to Francois about a good 
> splash theme solution, but theres nothing in sight yet, but don't worry, it'll 
> be ready for 4.2
>   - the code and the file formats are not yet frozen, I preserve the right to 
> change it if necessary.
> So, after all, happy testing (expect bugs :-)
> regards,
> Benedikt
> PS: Olivier, I noticed that there is no way to tell the window manager to keep 
> a window on top of all others (the NETWM fullscreen state does not seem to 
> work with xfwm4), can you have a look at it. I've currently set the splash 
> window OverrideRedirect and manually raises the it every now and then. It'd be 
> nice if the window manager could do this instead.

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