xfwm4: Automatically sticky?

Bernhard Walle Bernhard.Walle at gmx.de
Mon May 17 23:32:18 CEST 2004

* Olivier Fourdan <fourdan.olivier at wanadoo.fr> [2004-05-17 22:01]:
> WM_TRANSIENT_FOR(WINDOW): window id # 0x1e00001
> Transients stay with their parent windows. Dunno what this window is,
> but it's prolly on all screens.

Hm, this is such as

[~] $ xwininfo -id 0x2c00001

xwininfo: Window id: 0x2c00001 "Drmcalc"

  Absolute upper-left X:  640
  Absolute upper-left Y:  512
  Relative upper-left X:  640
  Relative upper-left Y:  512
  Width: 1
  Height: 1
  Depth: 24
  Visual Class: TrueColor
  Border width: 0
  Class: InputOutput
  Colormap: 0x2a00001 (not installed)
  Bit Gravity State: ForgetGravity
  Window Gravity State: NorthWestGravity
  Backing Store State: NotUseful
  Save Under State: no
  Map State: IsUnMapped
  Override Redirect State: no
  Corners:  +640+512  -639+512  -639-511  +640-511
  -geometry 1x1+640+512

_NET_WM_NAME(UTF8_STRING) = 0x44, 0x72, 0x6d, 0x63, 0x61, 0x6c, 0x63
WM_NAME(STRING) = "Drmcalc"
                Client accepts input or input focus: True
                Initial state is Normal State.
                window id # to use for icon: 0x2c00002
                window id # of group leader: 0x2c00001
_MOTIF_WM_HINTS(_MOTIF_WM_HINTS) = 0x3, 0x2c, 0x3a, 0x406f2850, 0x400cec2f
WM_LOCALE_NAME(STRING) = "de_DE at euro"
                program specified location: 640, 512
                program specified minimum size: 0 by 0
                program specified maximum size: 0 by 0
                window gravity: Static
WM_CLASS(STRING) = "wine", "Wine"

a window that doesn't exist in reality (at least, I cannot see it).
Strange, really strange. But thanks for the information.


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