A weird bug: xinerama + wrap workspaces

Francois Le Clainche fleclainche at wanadoo.fr
Sat May 15 19:25:14 CEST 2004


Hm... a pleasure to describe...
First try.

- xfwm4 cvs head + xinerama mode
(not tested in non xinerama mode)

 _________   _______
|screen1  | |screen2|
|         | |_______|

Goal: move a window from workspace1/screen1 to workspace2/screen2 going
from the left to the right using the "wrap workspaces when the pointer
reaches the screen edge"

- if I click-and-hold the titlebar of a window and move it:
	- from workspace1/screen1 to workspace1/screen2 it works
	- from workspace1/screen2 to workspace2/screen1, the wrap
	  workspace feature works
	- from workspace2/screen1 to workspace2/screen2 (no wrap
	  workspace involved), my mouse pointer hits... a "vertical
	  invisible wall" on the right side of the screen1, that stops
	  me from moving the window again, and which I can not jump over
	  (even if I release the window), excepted if I move my mouse
	  pointer towards the bottom of the screen, like moving far away
	  from the titlebar of the window. Then, suddenly, the
	  resistance disappears, and I can grab the window again to move
	  it to screen2.

The width between the right border of the screen and this... "wall" is
variable. No problem at all when moving windows from the right to the
left o_O

And the problem appears again, if I go on, between workspace3/screen1
and workspace3/screen2 after moving the window from workspace2/screen2
to workspace3/screen1. You get it? Really? ;))

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