yet another new backdrop settings dialog idea

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Fri May 14 01:35:45 CEST 2004

040513 Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> francois and i were talking about another revision
> of the backdrop settings dialog today, and he came up with a cool idea:

that looks v good: a bit too much empty space around the boxes,
but the tabbed approach seems to match XFCE simplicity & rationality.

> we talked about the limitations of that design
> and came up with some improvements.
> unfortunately, there were a few annoyances that we didn't work out.

if we don't know what they are, we can't comment (smile).

> so i was letting my mind wander and inspiration struck.

often, cold reality strikes back the next day (grin).

> first of all, collapse the color and image tabs back into one.


> so what do people think?

i've actually got used to having the same simple backdrop on all desktops,
w 'root' marked out in red (via Bash) on the Xterm where i have done 'su',
which is also distinguished by having  9 pt  a/a  11 pt  type,
so the desire to give it a flame-colored backdrop has receded.

if you want a model of good user interface for setting backgrounds,
KDE is not a bad starting-point (in this case).  here is a screenshot: ;

if you don't have KDE installed & want the 'advanced options' screen,
i can easily grab it & put it up for you.  but François' idea is good.

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