Mouse shorcuts (and others)

Xavier Otazu xotazu at
Tue May 11 13:58:36 CEST 2004

	Hi everybody:

purslow at wrote:
> Xavier raised an important issue in a rational manner & deserves respect.
> moreover reading between his lines, he suffers some kind of disability
> which makes it less easy for him to use the default interface.

	I have to clarify a point. I am not who has physical disabilities, but 
one of my job colleagues.

	In fact, some time ago I worked with a person with visual problems, and 
then I realize that computer environtments have to be configurable for 
this persons. Actually I have again a job colleague with serious 
physical problems. She is in a wheelchair and has some hands 
coordination problems, and she is a really great programmer. When I work 
with her, she is really suffering when pointing to small window zones 
(iconify buttons, and similar), and she likes to perform this with 
combination of mouse clikcs and 'Ctrl' key or other keyboard shorcuts.

	Fortunately, I have no such physical problems, but I am really aware 
about it.

	Appart from the accesibility issue, I thin this feature would be great 
for everybody (I am using it for many years). I am not telling to 
invalidate default behaviour, but simply to allow users to enhance this 

	I also would like to comment on other development proposals. One is the 
possibility to define window focus 'strictly under mouse'. Some times I 
have to point mouse out of window to return again on window to get focus 
(or to click onto window) to get focus. It is specially annoying when 
using keyboard shorcuts to lower or iconify a window. If I want to work 
on the new visible window, I have to click on it, which is not as faster 
as simply use the keyboard shorcut.
	I also would like to propose the possibility to define workspaces in a 
2D way. That is, actually workspaces are numbered linearly, and to go 
from workspace 1 to 3 you always have to go through workspace 2. In a 
2-D workspace ordering, changing to the right workspace would be going 
to the workspace 2; changing to the lower workspace would be going to 
the workspace 3. When working with more than 4 workspaces, the linear 1D 
workspace arrangement is a bit annoying.

	I have seen that with the visual workspace plugin they can be 
'visually' arranged in a 2D way, but you cannot navigate in this way.



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